Family life had become a series of acrimonious battles; angry screaming matches poisoned the atmosphere in our home for many mostly miserable months when I determined to seek professional help in an attempt to resolve the conflict between my wife and my daughter (she from a previous marriage). Through a religious organization that I belonged to I found a family therapist who, from what I’d been told, appeared to have the skills to deal with situations like mine. A session was arranged and the three of us, over a period of time, met individually and together, to dissect and recognize more clearly the issues that had led to the hostility prevalent in our lives. Linda Schlapfer, the family counselor I chose, is a personable, warm, and thoroughly charming person-with a beautiful British accent to boot. She has the knack of being able to gently draw out those who feel awkward about discussing the intimate details of their lives. Her competence is shown especially in how she is able to defuse potentially violent outbursts resulting from the emotional pain present in these encounters. Among her skills is her ability to invest her clients with the confidence to carry on when dark days threaten to derail all attempts at reconciliation. In fact, the motivation she instills in her patients to continually confront head-on their inner demons, makes successful treatment much more achievable than might otherwise be the case. With all due respect for the other practitioners of family therapy that I’ve dealt with, Linda Schlapfer is at the very top of my list of professionals and I know, by their now happy demeanor, that my wife and daughter feel very much the same.


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