Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

When you’re feeing a little lost or stuck, you may need someone to lend a hand, and guide you in exploring the challenges in your life.  For 20 years, I have been helping clients deal successfully with real problems using solution-focused strategies.  People seek me out for a wide variety of reasons: They may be coping with day-to-day struggles or childhood trauma, grappling with depression and/or anxiety, or might simply desire personal growth and greater self-knowledge. Together, in a compassionate and warm space, we will navigate through your feelings, beliefs, behaviors and challenging and influential memories. We’ll identify aspects of your life that you would like to alter, work toward gaining a better understanding of yourself and others and set personal goals to achieve a desired change.  We may see each other for as few as five or six sessions or  perhaps longer depending on your unique needs and personal goals for therapy.

Men in Therapy

It takes men years to pursue therapy because so often they equate seeking assistance with weakness or the appearance of not being able to handle their own problems. As a result, feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and depression are hidden from everyone, and men frequently feel alone in their struggles.

Men seek therapy for a variety of reasons including dealing with spouses who frequently express dissatisfaction with their relationship, being passed up for a promotion and not reaching their professional and financial goals in their current stage of life.  Others come in needing to discuss the physical and psychological effects of aging, the experience of nothingness after retirement and the wish to leave behind a legacy.

In therapy, we are able to look at difficult childhoods, and explore your past successes and disappointments as well as the very structure of your beliefs.   In a safe and confidential space, we will tap into your inner resources and resilience to address your feelings. You’ll be given tasks to improve self-care, and communication, and express dissatisfaction in a more constructive and open manner.