Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Love is a constant process of tuning in, connecting, missing and misreading cues, disconnecting, repairing, and finding deeper connection. It is a dance of meeting and parting and finding each other again. Minute to minute and day to day.
– Dr. Sue Johnson

Relationships often face periods of crisis and unrest. Insecurities, lack of communication, outside stresses, financial problems, division of labor, parenting difficulties, sex issues — these elements can tax a relationship. Add in negative or destructive emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, and sadness, as well as weekly or even daily arguing, and you have what feels like a disaster on your hands. I help couples navigate the troubled waters of their relationships. I help you discover tools and methods of coping to navigate future troubles, too.

I tailor each session to a couple’s specific needs. Generally speaking, however, sessions often focus on:

  • Understanding one another’s vulnerabilities
  • Communicating without defensiveness
  • Reconnecting with each partner’s values and dreams
  • Overcoming difficult impasses
  • Regulating emotions and emotional responses
  • Making lasting changes based on shared goals

During sessions, we explore problems and seek healthy solutions so you can arrive at a more balanced and fulfilling relationship.