Blended Families & Stepparenting

It takes a lot more time than people think – as many as 5 to 10 years for stepfamilies to bond and build trust. The challenges are many: How can children suddenly become siblings just because their parents fall in love? How do they share the attention from their own parent with comparative strangers? How do you parent children that aren’t your own? No one enters stepfamily life unencumbered. Emotions like love and loyalty and guilt and fear have the power to tear a marriage and stepfamily apart.

As a wife, mother, and stepmother, I have an understanding of the unique challenges that couples and blended families face. I provide practical help to deal with the differing attachments of children to their biological parents and stepparents, and assisting stepparents as they cope with feeling excluded from the powerful biological parent-child bond. I guide parents torn between their spouse’s needs for intimacy and privacy and their children’s needs for support and attention.

Together we will explore what really matters to each family member and create rituals and rules so that you feel pride and deep personal satisfaction in your new and combined family.


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